Did you make this week's leaderboard?

Compete each week to earn your spot on the weekly leaderboard and a bonus in Game+ Credits!

On each Monday of the week, the win counts are pulled for the previous Monday through the Sunday before. The Top 10 Game+ users with the most wins make the leaderboard.

These wins are only counted if they were earned in a Standard Challenge and won during the timeframe of the leaderboard.

The Top 3 and the user with the highest win ratio will be given Game+ Credits to use within 30 days of issuing.

First Place = $30 in Game+ Credits

Second Place = $20 in Game+ Credits

Third Place = $10 in Game+ Credits

Highest Win Ratio = $5 in Game+ Credits

35 Leaderboard 1121 1127 221128 1x1
35 Leaderboard 1114 1120 221121 1x1
36 Leaderboard 1107 1113 221107 1x1
36 Leaderboard 1031 1106 221107 1x1
36 Leaderboard 1024 1030 221101 1x1
35 Leaderboard Bonus 1017 1023 221024 1x1
35 Leaderboard No Disclaimer 1010 1016 221019 1x1
35 Leaderboard No Disclaimer 1010 1016 221017 1x1

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