How it works

Game+ is all about Challenges. A Challenge is a match between two players in which you’ve agreed to the game, platform, rules and amount. Below is a handy guide to creating Challenges.


Pick your game and platform

Choose your platform (we currently support Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, iPhone and Android). Then select your game from over 50 popular titles - including Madden, Call of Duty, FIFA and more. Finally, pick the rules you want to play by to determine the winner (most points, most kills, etc.). In games against friends, you can set custom rules!¹


Pick your amount

Play for $2 all the way up to $250 - you decide! You set the amount and each player puts up that much money for the match. When the match starts, Game+ holds those funds from both players accounts. When the match is over, we add the winnings in the winner’s account. See Game+ terms and conditions of fees.


Select your opponent

When creating a Challenge, you can send it to one friend (Direct Challenge). Or, you can post it to all of your friends and see who’s ready to rumble (Posted Challenge). With a Direct Challenge, as soon as your opponent accepts, you're notified via the app. You then have 20 minutes to start the Challenge. With a Posted Challenge, any friend who sees your Post can respond by creating a new Direct Challenge to you; when you accept, it’s on!


Declare the winner

When the game's over, both sides report who won via the app. If both sides agree, all is good and the winnings are automatically deposited in the winner’s account. If there's a disagreement about who won, the app asks both sides to provide their proof. The app opens a camera and each player sends in a picture of their win screen. The Game+ dispute resolution team reviews the evidence and issues a verdict on who won.


Community Challenges

Community Challenges are just what they sound like - Challenges from the entire Game+ Community! Join a game-specific Community to view Challenges and create new ones. Creating a Community Challenge is similar to creating a Posted Challenge. Once you put it out there, other players in the Community can see it and respond by issuing you a Direct Challenge.

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